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Visit Fanduel’s website to participate in World Cup fantasy sports tournaments with GAME prizes!

What is GameCredits?

GameCredits is the original gaming cryptocurrency started in 2014, aimed at creating a universal currency for the online games industry. To learn more about GameCredits you can join one of our communities or find us on social media:

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What is Fanduel?

Fanduel is the largest Fantasy Sports sites in the world, having awarded billions of dollars worth of prizes since 2009. Using Fanduel, users can participate in the world's most popular fantasy sports tournaments year round.

Why Fanduel?

Since 2016 GameCredits has aimed to work in the Fantasy Sports industry to help players and companies maximize their earnings potential. As an organization, GameCredits strives to work with gaming industry organizations at the top of their fields. Our collaboration with Fanduel is just one example of the many companies GameCredits has worked with. Other examples include Hyperledger, Team Secret, Komodo, IBM, and more. To learn more about what GameCredits is and what we’re working on visit our blog.

Where to buy GameCredits?

You can currently buy and sell GAME from many of the world's top exchanges

Where to store GameCredits?

We suggest using these secure and easy to use wallets to store GAME